2014 Student Executive Committee

The Student Executive Committee meets weekly to determine and implement its priority projects, provide ongoing support for the effective management of student service and advocacy programs, allocate resources, make policy recommendations and initiate programs for the Yale and New Haven communities.

Dwight Hall Co-Coordinators
Teresa Logue   Sterling Johnson III

teresa colorsterling

The Dwight Hall student coordinators lead the student-directed service offered by Dwight Hall, with a focus on supporting member groups. They manage the major initiatives and day-to-day operations of Dwight Hall, facilitate the Executive Committee and Cabinet meetings, and engage in long-term planning for the Hall. The coordinators are the chief liaisons representing student interests to staff and to the Board of Directors. They are available to any student or community agency seeking information about Dwight Hall and individual member groups.


At-large Coordinator
Lindsey Hiebert

Lindsey at large ExCom 2014Lindsey is serving in at-large position on the Executive Committee. Over the course of the year, she will be working on projects to enhance student engagement and educational opportunities in Dwight Hall. Her main focus will be to to design and implement a Dwight Hall certification program that will help develop students as the next social justice leaders.  This program would involve students accumulating credits over their undergraduate careers in order to recognize their service contributions and the skills they have taken away from their involvement  in and commitment to Dwight Hall.



Public Relations Coordinator
Catherine “Shea” Jennings

Catherine Jennings Profile

The Public Relations Coordinator is responsible for communicating the activities, opportunities, and visions of Dwight Hall to the community. Shea proactively manages the placement of information into media outlets, using press releases and direct communication to publicize and enhance the work of the Hall. As many members of the Yale community are unaware of all the resources that Dwight Hall has to offer, she serves as the contact point to direct people to their specific areas of interest. In addition, Shea sends out the weekly Dwight Hall email newsletter, the D-Holla, designs publicity materials for Dwight Hall groups, and maintains content on the website and social media platforms.



Financial Coordinator
Jonathan Yu

Jonathan finance Excom 2014Jonathan serves as the financial coordinator of the Executive Committee. The financial coordinator’s primary responsibility is managing the Campus and Community Fund and the Distinguished Mentor fund, through which Dwight Hall provides grants each semester for service and social justice work. The coordinator also advises groups on financial issues (e.g. bank accounts, 501(c)(3) incorporation, budgeting) and helps groups with fundraising, grant-writing, and soliciting in-kind donations. Jonathan is always happy to talk to groups via email or meet with them in person.



New Membership Coordinator
Millicent Cripe

Membership Excom 2014This officer coordinates the provisional member group process through which new groups apply to join Dwight Hall. The coordinator assembles and chairs the Membership Committee in evaluating and advising the new groups. The New Membership Coordinator works closely with Dwight Hall’s Program Director during the process; and not only leads the membership committee in evaluating each of the groups applying for Dwight Hall membership, but also serves to advise the new groups in assuring their sustainability, success, and integration into the Hall’s community.



International Network Membership Coordinator

XinXin Xu

xinxinXinXin serves as the liaison to the International Network of Dwight Hall, the newest network with a focus on international service and advocacy. Groups that organize service trips abroad and promote awareness and activism overseas are in this network. XinXin, working alongside the International Network coordinators, supports member groups by connecting them to the resources Dwight Hall offers. More generally, XinXin hopes the International Network can foster a community promoting student service abroad.




Social Justice Network Membership Coordinator

Becca Steinberg

Becca SteinburgAs a liaison to the SJN, Becca oversees Dwight Hall membership resources for SJN groups.  SJN is a coalition of organizations and individuals working for social justice and social change at Yale, in New Haven, and beyond. SJN is dedicated to building a community of social justice advocates, while helping activists develop skills necessary to achieve change. Becca will be working this semester to develop practical resources and support systems for SJN member groups.




Education Network Membership Coordinator

Anthony Fumagalli

Anthony EdNet Excom 2014The Education Network liaison works with the Public School Intern coordinator and Dwight Hall’s network of education-related member groups. Anthony helps the Public School Interns and these member groups to establish strong relationships between Dwight Hall and the New Haven Public Schools by communicating their needs to the Executive Committee. The Education Network provides various resources to all Yale groups working with New Haven Public Schools as well as any groups whose work in education goes beyond just the New Haven community.




Public Health Network Membership Coordinator
Ragini Luthra

Ragini Public Health 2014 ExcomRagini serves as the liaison to the Public Health Network of Dwight Hall, which is a broad network within the Yale community–and beyond–of people and groups that strive to affect positive change in fields relating to public health. This includes groups committed to advocacy surrounding a specific issue, condition or disease; cultural groups; service organizations; individuals who want to learn about how health issues interface with their own goals; anyone with an interest in public health. Ragini works with all these groups to foster a Public Health community and answer questions about Dwight Hall and its resources. The mission of the Public Health Network is to promote public health awareness, education and service in the Yale and New Haven communities. General membership in PHN is open to all members of the Yale community.



Institutional Service Coordinator
Patricia Okonta

Patricia OkuntaAs the Institutional Service Coordinator, Patricia works to connect New Haven non-profits and student volunteers. This connection serves integral for one-time moments of service as well as long term relationships for students and student organizations to partnership with New Haven organizations. These include Days of Service (Freshman Day of Service, Martin Luther King Day of Service, Dwight Hall-YCC Day of Service, etc.) and the College Service Outreach Fellows Program. Patricia is highly involved in New Haven and motivated, always looking for new non-profits and students interested in the Moment of Service.



Development Coordinator
Edward Baek

Edward Development Excom 2014Edward serves as Development Coordinator on Dwight Hall’s Student Executive Committee. As Development Coordinator, Edward helps manage Phonathon, a year-long fundraising campaign designed to support community service and social justice efforts at Yale through  Dwight Hall’s Education, International, Public Health, and Social Justice Networks. He also works with organizations such as the Socially Responsible Investment Fund, to ensure Dwight Hall’s continuous growth and long-term financial stability. Edward is always open to talking with member groups and sponsoring organizations to expand Dwight Hall’s social impact.