Apply for Funding

Hello Dwight Hall Community,


I’m Marc Bielas, Dwight Hall’s Financial Coordinator for 2015/2016 and am thrilled to be working with your groups in the coming year.


Below is some information for any groups wishing to receive funding from Dwight Hall for Fall 2015.




Early Deadline: Thursday, September 24 (Max $450)

Regular Deadline: Thursday, October 22 (Max $1,000)

Receipts Deadline: Friday, November 20

(Groups can apply for a combined total of $1000 through the two funding deadlines)




The application can be found at

(Note: You must be a Yale student logged in via EliApps to access the form.)




Your group is eligible for funding if you:


  1. Are a full or provisional member of Dwight Hall
  2. Submitted your organization’s information to the record
  3. Signed up for phonathon
  4. Attended the most recent cabinet meeting
  5. Agree to list Dwight Hall as a sponsor in your materials



A) How does Dwight Hall decide which groups get funding?

Your application is reviewed by a Financial Coordinator, your Network Coordinator, and one of the two Dwight Hall Co-coordinators. The team may approve an application but award a smaller amount than requested or deny individual items. Groups may appeal their funding decisions to the entire Dwight Hall Executive Committee. Applications are considered using these questions:


  • What is the impact of the group on the campus and/or community, and how does it enroll Yale students in this impact?
  • How important are the expenditures to the group’s mission?
  • Has the group pursued opportunities to reduce expenses?
  • How accurately has the group judged its needs in the past? Has it taken the money it was allocated?
  • What other sources of funding does the group have?


B) What doesn’t Dwight Hall fund?


  • Events or items that don’t contribute to service or activism in a meaningful way (e.g., T-shirts, gift cards, or gear for your members to wear to meetings).
  • Food for regular meetings of your group’s members
  • Food for Yale students that exceeds $75 per semester (used for meaningful service-related events; i.e. outreach type events, film screenings, service discussions…)
  • Alcohol
  • Bank fees
  • International travel
  • 8.5 x 11’’ copies (use your free DH copies instead, which are also now available in color)
  • Rental of tables—Dwight Hall now owns 6 large tables for use by groups, free of charge.
  • Fundraisers for outside non-profits, unless the fundraiser is centered on the cause and significantly promotes service, activism, or social justice on campus. (For example, Dwight Hall would consider funding for a huge campus-wide fundraiser for cancer research that engages hundreds of students in raising money and increases awareness about the issue.


C) How do I get my check?



  1. You will receive your funding decision.
  2. After your money has been spent, you will submit physical receipts alongside a Reimbursement Request Form to the Financial Coordinator’s mailbox in the Dwight Hall lobby.
  3. You will receive an email from Dwight Hall when your check is ready. Checks are distributed on a weekly basis.

After funding decisions are made, you will receive more information about receipt submission.






Feel free to email me with any questions at or text me at (619) 857-4399.