Apply to be an Associate Organization

January 1, 2015

Dear Applicant,

Welcome to Dwight Hall at Yale!

Please click here to download the application form for associate organization status of Dwight Hall at Yale. An associate organization of Dwight Hall is one that participates in service projects and activities, but whose primary mission is not service. You should use this application to articulate the service activities of your organization.

Please e-mail the application as an attachment to me, the New Membership Coordinator of the Student Executive Committee, when it is complete. There is no due date, but if you submit later than late November, your group may not be reviewed until the next school year.

After your application has been received, I will meet with you to discuss your group’s application to Dwight Hall in more detail. Shortly afterwards, your application and my report of it will be presented to the Dwight Hall Student Executive Committee, who will then decide whether to grant associate organization status to your group.

If your group is granted associate organization status, it will have access to Dwight Hall resources (such as copying, use of Dwight Hall cars and rooms and access to funding opportunities) on a case-by-case basis. Whenever your group would like to use a Dwight Hall resource, your request will be sent to the Dwight Hall Co-Coordinators for approval. They will only approve the request if your group is acting to further the Dwight Hall mission of promoting community service and social justice. As this approval process can sometimes take time, please remember to submit your requests well in advance. If your group takes advantage of Dwight Hall resources, it will need to participate in a certain number of Phone-a-thon hours dependent on how many resources your group uses.

Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or problems. Thank you for your application, and I look forward to working with you toward Dwight Hall’s mission in the future!


Ellen Kim