Design new programming for Cook Family Foundation

This is an opportunity for an undergraduate to design new programming for an existing institution in Owosso, Michigan and develop that programming in community . Full details at

Program Logistics
Our program takes three primary forms: practical experience through placement within an existing institution, intellectual inquiry through group discussion, and cultural immersion through placement with a host family.

Practical Placement
Your practical placement will be an opportunity to assist a local institution in developing a new program or expanding an existing program that addresses critical issues within our community.  The placement is designed to be specific enough to demand precise thought and action while remaining broad enough to promote creative agency.  These institutions will address one or more of these key areas of community building: Arts, Business, Education, Environment, Food, Government, Health, Housing, Placemaking, Religion/Faith.

Intellectual Inquiry
Our intellectual inquiry will be facilitated by intentionally and frequently sharing meals together as a community.  Our discussion will take many forms, from open ended consideration of an aphorism or prompt, to discussion of your practical placements, to completely open discussion about whatever is on your mind.  We will also consult texts, movies, music and other media together, using them to guide our conversation.  We will take trips both within and without of Owosso.

Cultural Immersion
To complete the experience, participants will be placed with a host family in Owosso that will provide housing and food for your entire stay.  Your hosts, like the institutions you work with, will be individuals committed to our mission of making sustainable change in the world.  Our intent is that your host family be a critical aspect of your experience, deepening your inquiry into the dynamics of making change in ours and other communities around the world.