Yale Jefferson Public Service Award

To the Dwight Hall community:

At the start of the 2012-2013 school year, STAY (Students and Alumni of Yale), the AYA, Yale and the Jefferson Awards for Public Service pioneered three new awards for individual volunteer service: the Yale-Jefferson Awards.

Begun in 1972 by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, U.S. Senator Robert Taft, Jr., and Sam Beard ’61, the Jefferson Awards are widely considered the “Nobel Prize for Public Service.” Annually, Yale awards the Yale-Jefferson Awards to (i) a Yale undergraduate, and (ii) a student at one of Yale’s professional or graduate schools and (iii) an alum. These awards recognize individuals who inspire the Yale community through their innovative, outstanding and sustained contributions in service to the greater good (click here for more information on the AYA website and to see the press release).

The inaugural Yale-Jefferson Alumni Award was presented in the Fall of 2012 at the AYA Annual Assembly LXXII to J.B. Schramm ‘86. The award honored Schramm for establishing College Summit to prepare students in low-income areas for the college admission process (see the Yale News article here). The inaugural student Yale-Jefferson Public Service Awards will be presented at the end of this school year (either during or before Commencement weekend).

As a leaders of the Yale community, you’re warmly invited to nominate a current Yale University undergraduate and/or graduate or professional student whom you think would be an appropriate candidate. Self-nominations are also encouraged. Candidates for the May award will be vetted, with the winner determined by an award committee of Yale students, faculty, administrators, and alumni. The award committee will evaluate each candidate on the basis of the depth, breadth, and scope of the individual’s public service contribution, while paying particular attention to the Yale resources and institutions that have been put to use in the furtherance of this service.

Please click here for more-detailed criteria; nominations should be submitted here no later than Friday, April 12th.

Thank you for your consideration,

Ted Schmid (GRD ‘15) & Caroline Smith (YC’14)

Co-chairs of the Yale-Jefferson Student Awards Selection Committee


Yale-Jefferson Award Selection Committee Members:

Mark Dollhopf (YC’77), Executive Director of the Association for Yale Alumni

Kim Goff-Crews (YC’83, ‘86 LAW), Secretary of Yale University and Vice President of Student Life

Steve Blum (YC’74), Senior Director for Strategic Initiatives of AYA

Michael Morand (YC’87), Yale Deputy Chief Communications Officer

Emily Stoops (GRD ‘13), Graduate and Professional Student Senate President

Brandon Levin (YC’14), Students and Alumni of Yale (STAY) Founder

Eric Eliasson (YC’14), Students and Alumni of Yale (STAY) President

John Gonzalez (YC’14), Yale College Council President

Alyssa Siefert (GRD ‘14), Students and Alumni of Yale (STAY) Treasurer

Jennifer Mendelsohn, Associate Director of Graduate Student Life

Zoe Mercer-Golden (YC ‘13), Board of Directors, Dwight Hall at Yale