Summer internship with Accel Education

Accel Education

Education Consultant/ Literature & Writing Instructors

Full-Time or Summer Internship 2013 in Seoul, South Korea


Based in the heart of Seoul, South Korea, Accel Education is a leading education-consulting firm that specializes in providing comprehensive advisory and academic services.  We work mainly with international students from South Korea preparing for or currently in the process of studying in U.S.  Our mission is to maximize the opportunities and potential of our students by focusing on their long-term growth.  Each year, our students receive acceptance to top tier universities including Harvard, Yale, MIT and boarding schools such as St. Paul’s, Exeter, and Hotchkiss.  We offer various subjects including literature and writing as well as standardized test prep courses such as SAT, AP and most of the secondary school subjects up to AP level. In addition, we provide long term College Admissions Consulting services focused on preparing high school students for top-tier American universities.


Education Consultant/ Literature & Writing Instructor (YEAR-ROUND FULL TIME POSITION)

  • Education Consultant will be a part of an admissions consulting team to help the long-term growth of our students and assist students with admissions preparation. 
  • They’ll also work to develop curriculum and teach high level writing and literature courses offered by the company.
  • Work hard only 11 months of the year. The company provides paid-1 month leave of absence to travel or visit families back home.
  • The position is available to recent graduates or graduating seniors ONLY.

Minimum of 1-2 years of commitment required. Background in English/ Literature/ Script Writing/ Creative Writing are big pluses.

 Summer Internship Position (1st week of June~August)

→  Dates include orientation and training.

→  Open to outstanding Juniors and Seniors.


-Effectively prepare and teach writing and literature courses as well as AP & SAT II Literature.

-Work closely with the management to develop and refine writing curriculum and program.

-Monitor students’ progress and communicate with the management and parents.

-Provide college admissions consulting services and assist students with admissions preparation.

-Work closely with students and facilitate in developing and writing strategic personal statements.


For Full-Time Education Consultant (Recent graduates of undergraduate or graduate school only):

– Competitive monthly salary (Apprx. $44,000-$65,000/ Year AFTERTAX depending on qualification)

– Paid 1 month vacation to visit home or travel (Work 11 months only during the year)

– Round trip airfare

– Performance bonus

– Furnished residential accommodation (Single, NOT SHARED) in heart of Seoul

* This is a great experience for those preparing for graduate school or cultural exploration.

For Summer Internship (Current juniors and seniors):

-6.5 million~8 million Korean Won depending on qualifications. (Apprx. $5900-7300).

-Round trip airfare

-Furnished residential accommodation (Single, NOT SHARED)

-Performance bonus


-Enjoys working with young students and teaching literature and writing.

-Possess strong communication and creative writing skills.

-Extensive knowledge of or experience with assisting in the college admissions process.

-Highly motivated, positive, responsible, and a team player.

-Prior teaching or mentoring experience is a big plus, but is not required.

-The positions are open to all majors but must have strong writing backgrounds. Background in English/ Literature/ Journalism/ Script Writing/ Creative Writing are big plus.

1) Full-Time Education Consultant-Available ONLY to recent graduates or graduating seniors.1~2 years of commitment required.

2) Summer Internship-Current juniors and seniors only


Applications will be considered on a ROLLING BASIS until Saturday April 28th, 2013.

Applications are reviewed as they are received and an interview will be arranged immediately for qualified candidates.  Each year, we receive a lot of applications.  It is strongly advised that prospective candidates submit their information early as possible.

Please submit the following information:

1)     Resume & Cover Letter

2)     Current GPA

3)     AP, SAT I & SAT II Scores (break them up by verbal/math and subjects taken) and/or

Graduate school admissions test score

4)    Information on previous writing, teaching, or/and mentoring experiences

5)     Courses you can teach most effectively, including high school subject courses

6) Please indicate which position you are applying for.

*Qualified candidates shall be asked to write short writing prompts for evaluation of writing skills.

Send your information to:


Jason Lee

Executive Director