Organic After School Mathematics and Computer Programming Academy Volunteers Needed!

Bethany Community School is a K-5 elementary school in a surrounding suburb of New Haven. With the endorsement of the superintendent, we are seeking to initiate an after-school academy for tomorrow’s thought leaders to elevate our students mathematics knowledge in a creative space. Secondly, we are interested in introducing two established software programming platforms: Scratch and Alice.

We need to tackle three  main objectives this fall through volunteer support:

  • Establish a curriculum/learning module outline for Fall Spring
  • Establish a basic protocol to segment interested students based on ability into relevant tracks vs. age/grade based default approach
  • Staff the program with at least one volunteer for math and one volunteer for computer programming (ideally familiar with Scratch or Alice)


As an organic project, we need at least one mathematics and one computer programming volunteer for a total of 12 weeks, with a minimum of once weekly student contact (ideally twice weekly or more).

Our objective is to create the curriculum, recruit interested students, and subsidize the academy educators  for the Spring 2014 academy.

If interested, please contact Eric Frazer at 203-606-3480 [YMS-Department of Psychiatry/Voluntary Clinical Faculty] or by email at