Education Studies: Spring Courses

EDST 110: Foundations in Education Studies

Professor Lizzy Carrol

TTh 9.00-10.15 GR109 ROSENFELD

Introduction to key issues and debates in the U.S. public education system. Focus on the nexus of education practice, policy, and research. Social, scientific, economic, and political forces that shape approaches to schooling and education reform. Theoretical and practical perspectives from practitioners, policymakers, and scholars.


EDST 128: Language, Literacy, and Play

Professors Nancy Close and Carla Horowitz

W 9.25-11.15 CALHIL DCC

The complicated role of play in the development of language and literacy skills among preschool-aged children. Topics include social-emotional, cross-cultural, cognitive, and communicative aspects of play.


EDST 220: History of Higher Education in the US

Professor George Levesque 

W 2.30-4.20 BASSLB L70

The history and evolution of higher education in the United States from the colonial era to the present. Emphasis on changes in the profile of students, the role of the faculty, and the scope of the curriculum. Special attention to how these changes reflected larger developments in American intellectual, cultural, and social history.