Calvin Hill Daycare Postgraduate Fellowships

Application Due March 4th

CalvinHillCalvin Hill Day Care Center aims to serve as a support for whole families, working in partnership with parents to help meet the emotional, social, physical, language and intellectual needs of their children. Because of their affiliation with Yale University, the Center provides a teaching and observation experience for Yale undergraduate and graduate fellows in training at the Yale Child Study Center.

Harris Fellowship in Child Development and Early Childhood Education

The Harris Fellowship is a collaboration between the Yale Child Study Center Section on Child Development and the Calvin Hill Day Care Center. Fellows have a teacher mentor at Calvin Hill and a clinical mentor at the Child Study Center. They regularly meet with their mentors for support, focusing on blending educational and clinical understandings of young children and families.

Seedlings Teaching Fellowship

The Seedlings Fellowship in Early Childhood Education and Child Development is designed as a supervised and supported entry into the professional world of early childhood education, child care and teaching. It is a unique combination of engagement in a high quality preschool classroom setting and participation in related courses in a nationally renowned child development clinic.

For more information, check out the Calvin Hill website: