Message from YUPP (Yale Undergraduate Prison Project)

Dear Connecticut residents,

I’m the advocacy chair of YUPP (the Yale Undergraduate Prison Project,) and I’m writing to tell you about an urgent opportunity.

A 16 year old transgender girl has recently been incarcerated in an adult prison without a criminal conviction. She was living in a treatment home for traumatized youth under the custody of the Connecticut Department of Children and Family (DCF.) Authorities allege that the teen assaulted a staffer in the facility, but no criminal charges are pending against her. The DCF’s decision to place her straight into an adult prison sets a dangerous, unjust precedent.

The teen has been placed in an York Correctional Institute for adult women in Niantic, CT. The Department of Correction is planning on transferring her to Manson Correctional Institute, a prison for males up to age 20. The teen’s gender identity means that transferring her to a men’s facility would put her life in danger as well as put her at extremely high risk for abuse and sexual assault.

As residents of Connecticut, we have a lot of power to fight this injustice.




1. Contact DCF Commissioner Joette Katz and tell her that this teen should be returned to state custody and placed with youth of her expressed, not assigned, gender. Call her at 860-982-9600 or email

2. Attend a moderated discussion with Commissioner Katz at the Yale Law School on Thursday at 12:10pm in room 127. Here is the facebook event.

3. Sign the Change.Org Petition:

4. Share info about this, including this message, the facebook event, and the articles below with your friends and enemies. As YUPP saw last semester when the Federal Bureau of Prisons cancelled the Danbury prison transfer, public pressure in the face of these injustices goes a LONG way.


You can read more about this case at:,0,7666409,full.story


Thanks very much,


Yale Undergraduate Prison Project