20th Annual Science Fair

IMG_2278The food was replaced with science in Commons Dinning Hall this week for the annual New Haven Science Fair.  Nearly 200 New Haven students showcased their scientific discoveries (and their stunning trifold poster board skills).

Projects were submitted by students from Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade.  Tuesday May 14th, 2014 is the last day to view the projects.  The Award Ceremony will be held across the street in SSS starting at 6:30pm.


Curious about what got these students engaging in the scientific process?  Here’s a sampling of Project Titles that were submitted.  Visit for awardees!

  • Don’t Be Too Flaky
  • The Effects of Acid Rain
  • Ice Ice Baby
  • How do Difference Liquids Affect Plants
  • Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles
  • Seuss Science
  • Water Worries
  • Made to Biodegrade
  • Got Range
  • I’m melting
  • To Salt or Not to Salt
  • Fishy Food
  • Clean Eggs and Ham
  • Chewing your Attention
  • Dirtiest Part of School
  • Would You Drink it
  • Let’s See Who is Most Stubborn
  • Truss Me
  • Reverse Heart Rate
  • Chocolate Crystals
  • Wearin’ Oobleck
  • Flow and Energy in Tidal Dams