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The CT Bail Fund is newly established organization developed by student leaders from Dwight Hall’s 2016 Exceptional Member Group of the Year – the Yale Undergraduate Prison Project. Congrats to Dwight Hall Summer Fellow Simone Seiver and the CT Bail Fund team. Link via New Haven Independent:

Student leaders for the Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investing initiative co-filed a shareholder resolution with ExxonMobil that was voted on at the company’s annual meeting in May. While the outcome was not what students had hoped for, the experience motivated the team to continue to explore how shareholders can best influence corporate reform.

Dear Dwight Hall friends, This is the last blog post of my fellowship, and so there were all kinds of things that I could have elected to talk about – endings and saying goodbye, a reflection on what Dwight Hall students have achieved this year (so much!) – or even the recent news of Yale’s […]

Having been following the U.S. election with a mixture of awe, amusement, and trepidation, one figure has emerged above all others as all-important, all-powerful, and absolutely not to be trusted. And no, I don’t mean (insert your personal political punching bag here). I mean the elusive ‘Millennial’. At a conservative estimate of 80 million people, […]

In what will probably be the biggest corruption story of the year (and conceivably the biggest global story of the year) the Panama Papers leaked 11.5 million documents providing information about more than 214,000 offshore companies listed by Mossack Fonesca (for a helpful overview of what was revealed and who it impacts, check out this article from […]

A new forum discussion has begun on the Boston Review, on the topic of empathy – namely, whether  its existence needs justification in order to be considered useful. It should turn out to be an  engaging debate, and I recommend you follow it.  Paul Bloom’s opening article (bluntly titled ‘Against Empathy’) challenges a lot of […]

Joy Johannes is the Executive Director of FISH of Greater New Haven, whose primary mission is to provide nutritionally sound grocery assistance to the home-bound  in the New Haven area.   Can you tell me what led you to FISH of Greater New Haven? I’ve only lived in Connecticut for about three and a half years. Prior to […]

If you’re on the Internet and follow any social justice or liberal media, you’ve probably heard a condemnation or two of ‘voluntourism’, the practice of combining volunteering and tourism – otherwise known as the short-term service trip. The critiques tend to be pointed and scathing: you are using the developing world as a playground, you […]

Leslie Radcliffe is a New Haven Community Leader and the Founder and Lead Coordinator of the Truman Street Greenspace and Garden in the Hill, in collaboration with the Urban Resources Initiative’s Greenspace Program. The project has been featured in the New Haven Independent.  Can you tell me what led you to starting this project? Community service has […]

Chris George is the Executive Director of IRIS (Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services), a government and privately funded non-profit helping refugees and other displaced people establish new lives, regain hope, and contribute to the vitality of Connecticut’s communities.  What led you to IRIS? I worked overseas most of my career. Beginning in 1977, I was […]