Dwight Hall Phonathon – Spring 2016

Dwight Hall Phonathon is a year-long fundraising campaign designed to support community service and social justice efforts at Yale by cultivating strong relationships with Yale alumni. As a not-for-profit organization, Dwight Hall must raise its own funds every year to provide resources and support to its member organizations and student volunteers.  Individual contributions from alumni and friends of Dwight Hall comprise nearly 25% of Dwight Hall’s annual budget and Phonathon is an important component of Dwight Hall’s development plan.

Each Member Group and Provisional Group must complete a single 2-hour shift of Phonathon during the Spring 2016 semester.

How Will it Work?

There are several scheduled Phonathon dates for the Spring 2016 semester. We require that 1 volunteer from each group signs up for a full 2-hour shift and will schedule calling nights on different days of the week to facilitate demanding schedules.

How do I Sign Up?

We are using a Google Form to organize Phonathon sign-ups this semester.

Please sign-up by entering your information on the form embedded below.

What Else is my Group Required to Do?

We need your stories!  Groups that receive funding or utilize significant resources from Dwight Hall (cars/bus passes, copies, regular rooms) will be required to submit a narrative (or report/photojournal/multimedia segment/etc.) during the 2015-2016 Academic Year.  We will provide some samples for your group to consider and contact groups with specific instructions on an individual basis.

I Like the Changes.  Are they Permanent?

It depends on our success this semester.  If we are not on track with revenues generated from Phonathon, we may return to the traditional model where each group provides up to 6 hours/semester.  The earlier you complete your shift and the higher the quality of your narrative (if required), the more likely we can make these changes permanent.

If you have any questions regarding Dwight Hall Phonathon, please contact We will respond to your inquiry within 1 business day.

If you have feedback on this model or other ideas to share, please contact Jessenia Khalyat, Development Coordinator on the student Executive Committee.

Thank You to the Groups Who Have Completed Phonathon for Fall 2015!  We raised over $10,000 last semester.