Please contact Mark Fopeano, Dwight Hall Program Manager, at 203.432.2446, for information about the following Fellowship opportunities.

Dwight Hall Urban Fellows Program

Urban fellows work with New Haven community organizations to address challenges of urban living (i.e. economic development, community building, family empowerment, and public health). The program, funded by the Yale Office of New Haven Affairs, provides a unique experience, training the fellow through exposure to contemporary urban issues. Two year placements are desirable. Recent placements include Empower New Haven, Junta for Progressive Action, City Hall, Ct Voices for Children, CitySeed, and several more.

Dwight Hall Public School Internship Program

Public School Interns serve as liaisons between the Yale community and an assigned New Haven public school to ensure that the needs of each school are being met and that volunteers are being used effectively. Run in cooperation with the Office of New Haven Affairs, Public School Interns are available to answer questions regarding the needs and interests of their specific schools and provide an invaluable link between Yale and the school community.

Dwight Hall Early Childhood Education Fellowship Program

This program places ten work-study students at quality daycare settings that serve low-income children. This year’s Fellows provide daycare assistance at diverse centers. Fellows gather for a weekly seminar on early childhood development and policy analysis, led by staff from All Our Kin.

Dwight Hall Summer Fellowship Program

Dwight Hall Summer Fellows receive a stipend to spend their summers in New Haven working full-time on a project that they have designed in direct response to a community need. Former interns have worked with organizations such as CitySeed, Planned Parenthood, and Community Mediation. They have completed projects ranging from the development of a resource guide on homeless health care resources to the development of a 10-year neighborhood plan in conjunction with community leaders. Applications will be due in February 2013 and will be available on the Dwight Hall website.

Jones-Zimmermann Academic Mentoring Program 

J-Z AMP is a 3-year initiative that pairs 15 Yale University undergraduate mentors with 30 middle school students. The unique programmatic aspect is that mentoring relationships will be sustained for the duration of the initiative. The program identifies youth who have struggled academically at the start of middle school. J-Z AMP employs a triangular mentoring model that fosters an academic-centered relationship between the mentee, the mentor, and a peer student. Thus, healthy social development is a goal of the program even as the integrated curriculum focuses on language literacy and mathematical skill improvement.

Rev. John G. Magee Fellowship

The Magee Fellowship supports and encourages collaborative efforts between social justice organizations and the wide assortment of religious students at Yale. As liaison between Dwight Hall, Yale Religious Ministries and the Chaplain’s Office, the Magee Fellow promotes reflection, dialogue, and communal action on faith- based responses to injustices and social evils. For all Dwight Hall groups and students, regardless of religious affiliation, the Fellowship offers educational and financial resources, as well as publicity, networking, and reflection opportunities, especially for issues where religion plays a role.