Dwight Hall at Yale

Center for Public Service and Social Justice

Social Innovation Lab

Social Innovation Lab

Social change is often sparked by a simple idea.  Dwight Hall’s history provides a number of examples where a service or social justice experience generated a new idea, which then pioneered a movement.  ”The Lab” was launched in the fall of 2016 to provide intensive support, guidance, and training to students with an idea, whose passion will lead them to addressing a social need in an innovative way.

The Lab’s Structure:

  1. Creates an open space where communities can exchange ideas and be inspired.
  2. Supports the creativity and ingenuity of students who have conceived an innovative idea. 
  3. Provides a network of support, including potential partners and mentors, to develop the idea.
  4. Teaches practical skills to students to understand and implement their idea.
  5. Gives resources, including prize money, to students who demonstrate the passion to execute their idea. 

Specific Benefits:

  • Project design & planning structure assistance
  • Regular consultation from an advisor as well as 
  • Small grants
  • Workshops in special skills
  • Work Space
  • Access to a network of mentors and experts
  • Showcase to present their achievements and attract investors or supports, in case they want to launch or scale their project

Who Can Apply:

Events are open to the general public, and funding applications are are open to any Yale University student or student organization, prior Dwight Hall affiliation is not required.  Should a Dwight Hall affiliate, such as a Member Group, gain admission, said admission will apply only to a specifically proposed program.