Advocacy Minute

Advocacy Minute is a resource, run out of Dwight Hall, for groups and individuals in the Yale and New Haven communities who are working for social change. Every Tuesday, Advocacy Minute sends out “Take Action Tuesday,” an email with quick advocacy actions submitted by other individuals or organizations. Most of these actions are quick things you can do right from your desk, like signing an online petition, writing a letter, or calling a local official. In many cases, advocacy relies on the strength of weak ties– a lot of people doing a very small thing. Advocacy Minute helps you or your group generate broad participation in your campaigns, while enabling you to support the work of others. Think of it as a social change community: you help others when they need it, and they help you when you need it. All of the actions are contributing to efforts for systemic change. They are not opportunities for direct service. Individuals and groups leveraging their collective power with key actors to achieve and sustain larger social change– that’s what advocacy is and what Advocacy Minute is trying to support. To view the Advocacy Minute blog and to submit actions, visit:

Dwight Hall College Service Representative Program

The CSR program supports liaisons between Dwight Hall and the residential colleges to foster a spirit of service throughout the campus. CSRs offer their classmates information on Dwight Hall resources and plan Moment of Service events for accessible one-time service opportunities.

Community Based Learning Initiative

Dwight Hall has made great strides in promoting Community Based Learning (CBL) at Yale, and there are many opportunities for involvement in promoting and developing this program on campus. Students in a CBL course were paired with community organizations in New Haven and completed analytical research to be used by the organization and included in the student’s final research paper. The CBL intiative spanned multiple disciplines and is looking to expand further in the future.


Curran Distinguished Mentor Program

The Curran Distinguished Mentor program was generously endowed by William Curran ‘49 in memory of his wife, Jane. The program aims to provide students access to role models who embody Dwight Hall’s mission in their professional lives. Past Distinguished Mentors include former Mayor of Baltimore and Dean of Howard University School of Law Kurt Schmoke ‘71, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) President Frances Beinecke ‘71, former CEO of Proctor & Gamble and co-chair of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center John E. Pepper, Jr. ‘60, and Kevin Salwen, author of The Power of Half. Most recently, the Honorable Shirley Sagawa served as Distinguished Mentor in November 2012.

The Moment of Service

The Moment of Service is a program of one-time service events for Yale students and their organizations, whether they be residential colleges, fraternities and sororities, sports teams, cultural groups, or other. The Institutional Service Coordinator helps connect prospective volunteers with need in the New Haven community. Interested students and non-profits should contact to set up an event.

Socially Responsible Investment Fund Student Advisory Committee

The Dwight Hall Board of Trustees authorized the establishment of a Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) fund within the Dwight Hall endowment in 2008. The Trustees provided $50,000 in seed funding as an initial step towards a $500,000 fundraising target. The Student Advisory Committee collaborates with the Board of Trustees to ensure the financial success of the fund while simultaneously raising awareness about the importance of incorporating environmental, social, and corporate governance issues into the investment process. Student committee members have the opportunity to learn about the criteria and methods by which SRI funds can be managed while developing investment acumen.

Contact: Marcus Scwarz, Student Coordinator