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JOIN OUR TEAM! Openings for Research Assistants in Climate Communication Strategy and Analysis

Summary of Opportunity: 

The following positions are intended to start during the Fall 2017 semester at the school of Forestry & Environmental Science. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to lisa.fernandez@yale.edu with the position you’re applying to in the subject line.

Deputy social media manager – 1 opening

This position works in partnership with the lead YPCCC social media manager and acts as the visual design authority for the student team. Provides editorial oversight on the YPCCC “look” and helps shape the YPCCC brand.


  • Responsible for oversight of graphics designed in Canva as well as videos created in Wochit
  • Edits the graphic element of the posts produced by the student team in Canva
  • Ensures adherence to and guides development of the YPCCC visual brand
  • Researches, selects and shares exemplary digital design relevant to YPCCC to inspire the team and further develop the YPCCC brand
  • Work collaboratively with the lead social media manager to help coordinate the YPCCC social team


  • Photo and image editing for digital platforms (Canva in particular – Adobe experience a plus)
  • Experience in a professional design role a big plus
  • Familiarity with brand books and guidelines a plus

Ideal for:

Organizers and marketers who are fascinated with visual storytelling

Hrs per week: 10-15

Video producer – (up to 2 openings)

To hear some tell it, video is the future of online publishing. We’re looking for somebody who can help put our research and publications in a new context to reach a broad and fast-growing audience.


  • Identifying and creating videos within the Wochit platform based on YPCCC research, noteworthy news, and YCC episodes
  • Captioning/uploading videos to our YouTube & FB accounts
  • Our goal output is 2 videos a week

Preferred Skills:

  • Professional/personal experience with video production
  • Familiarity with tools like Wochit, Aegisub, and DaVinci Resolve
  • Design experience a plus

Ideal for:

Those with an eye for design and storytelling, self-starters who can handle responsibility and respond well to feedback, and people who want to learn more about one of the fastest-growing avenues in digital.

Hrs per week: 10

Social media producer – (up to 5 openings)

These members of the YPCCC team make our Facebook and Twitter shine. YPCCC research is relevant to many categories of current events, from renewable energy to extreme weather, and our social media producers also help draw the connections between current events and YPCCC findings.


  • Drafting 3-5 FB posts and tweets per assigned day for YPCCC online properties
  • Creating graphics using Canva
  • Responding to breaking news and keeping an eye on the latest climate change stories

Preferred Skills:

  • Attention to detail and strong writing skills
  • Experience managing a Facebook page or professional Twitter account is a plus
  • Awareness of best practices and trends in social media content
  • Digital design and data visualization / infographic creation experience

Ideal for:

Somebody with limited time on their hands who still wants to contribute to the YPCCC program. Those who are plugged into the news on climate change and eager to help show how our work relates. Digital novices who want to learn by doing.

Hrs per week: about 5

Web content assistant (1 opening)

The YPCCC website is one of the most reputable climate communication sites online. Built to host our research as well as interactive tools for academics, organizers, and the general public, the site needs a manager to make sure everything’s in tip-top shape.


  • Ensuring website has fresh content, including keeping up to date with YPCCC media mentions
  • Research images as needed for online publishing of our studies.
  • Updating and maintaining the website media library.
  • Write blog posts or edit others’ submissions with the goal of posting one new blog post per month. Involves mining our existing research findings and connecting them with current events.

Preferred Skills:

  • Previous experience blogging on climate change concerns
  • Photo and image editing for digital platforms
  • Website management experience (WordPress a plus)

Ideal for:

Detail-oriented, organized workers with an interest in helping communicate our research.

Hrs per week: 5

Digital ads assistant (1 opening)

Digital advertising is one of the most crucial tactics of marketing for online publishers and non-profits. It’s also a very promising avenue for testing climate change messages with different audiences. We’re looking for somebody to help produce ads to advance YPCCC goals on both fronts.


  • Drafting Facebook ad content for marketing & experiments at the discretion of the YPCCC Digital Director
  • Experiments may include testing content to different audiences, or different messages or images to the same audience.
  • Running reporting on ad experiments and tests
  • Helping maintain a calendar of upcoming ads & tests

Preferred Skills:

  • Attention to detail and strong writing skills
  • Experience managing a Facebook page or professional Twitter account is a plus
  • Awareness of best practices and trends in social media content

Ideal for:

Detail-oriented, metrics-driven writers who like to explore data. Folks who are looking to make use of the fastest-growing ad platform online for research purposes.

Hrs per week: 10

Social Data Scientist (1 opening)

Data forms the backbone of our research and outreach efforts. We are developing the next generation of the Yale Climate Opinion maps, which opens the door to a wide variety of new research questions and public engagement opportunities. The social data scientist will work with our team of researchers to support the data preparation and modeling, mapping and visualization efforts associated with YCOM and related projects.


  • Using a variety of software to develop, clean and process social science datasets for modeling and mapping;
  • Analyzing datasets using Excel, SPSS, and the R programming language
  • Designing visualizations and maps for YPCCC “Climate Notes” and the “Yale Climate Opinion Maps.”

Preferred Skills:

  • Programming skills (R, javascript, python)
  • Software and data management, statistics (SPSS, SAS, Tableau, Qualtrics, Plotly, etc.)
  • Organization, research, and writing skills
  • Interest in learning/improving R knowledge

Hrs per week: flexible

Opportunity Type: 
Jobs, Internships, Fellowships