Dwight Hall at Yale

Center for Public Service and Social Justice

New Haven Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen’s (DESK) Food Pantry

Summary of Opportunity: 

DESK has had wonderful experiences with Yale student volunteers in the past at their Food Pantry (and Soup Kitchen prep/serving). Currently, DESK’s needs  at the Food Pantry are 2-3 students, and preferably at least one who can speak Spanish (basic proficiency is fine).

The pantry meets one day a week, Wednesdays, 1-3:30PM.  During this time, 1-2 PM volunteers set up the food displays (canned food, bread, etc.), hand out the food to clients from 2-3PM and then do a brief straightening up. 

Volunteering at DESK is a great opportunity to learn about hunger and homelessness, food justice and make a meaningful contribution to the New Haven community.

Join anytime!
Contact Name: 
Donna Golden
Opportunity Type: 
Volunteer Opportunities