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The Method

The Method

A rigorous approach to social change

Many people reach a point in life when they realize that society isn’t fair; our human systems aren’t adequate to meet human needs.  In many cases, various injustices—poverty, violence, racism, etc.—conspire to suppress and prevent the flourishing of individuals and communities. Many people want to do something, but don’t know where to begin. Others may bravely wade in to the issues and get overwhelmed or disillusioned by their inability to see or bring about meaningful change.

The Dwight Hall Method is designed as a guide to help anyone approach a social problem in a deliberate way. Using this template, either with a DH staff person or on your own, encourages thoughtfulness, repeated readjustment, and improvement based on results and deepening insight.  

If you have questions, or want to request a session to work through the Method, please contact Mark Fopeano.