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Prison education is currently at the forefront of national conversations about criminal justice reform and access to higher education. Successful university partnerships in prison have proven their transformative value to students, educators, and institutions of higher learning by providing rigorous, high-quality educational opportunity to underserved students of great potential.

The Yale Prison Education Initiative at Dwight Hall seeks to expand upon existing Yale programming in correctional facilities by offering Yale courses to incarcerated students in Connecticut.

Recent YPEI News

•May 1, 2017: YPEI featured at Yale Center for Teaching and Learning’s Spring Teaching Forum on “Civic Concern in Teaching and Learning,” This year’s topic is: “What is the public mission of a university education?” Register here.

YPEI featured in YDN, April 27, 2017; YPEI is opening “a discussion that actually energizes the mission of Yale University as this institution of higher learning that seeks best students regardless of background.”

Dwight Hall Common Read on April 14 2017 draws 40 readers, including State Representative Robyn Porter (pictured at right with Common Read author Daniel Karpowitz and journalist Ron Berler).

•March 2017: YPEI announces Dwight Hall Common Read around Daniel Karpowitz’s College in Prison. Register your interest in receiving a book or joining us here!

•February 2017: YPEI campus calendar goes live to gather relevant events, talks, symposia, conferences.

•January 2017: YPEI announces collaborations with the Policy Lab at ISPS, the Bard Prison Initiative (BPI), and Consortium for Liberal Arts in Prison with the new Prison Education Working Group.

•January 2017: Dean of Yale College Jonathan Holloway delivers commencement address at Eastern Correctional Facility for the Bard Prison Initiative’s 15th graduation ceremony.

YPEI Common Read

To register your interest in receiving a book to participate in the Common Read, click here.

YPEI at Dwight Hall will be hosting a “Common Read” of Daniel Karpowitz’s recent book College in Prison: Reading in an Age of Mass Incarceration (2017).

The purpose of the common read is to join students, faculty, administration, staff, and community partners in small group discussions — both on- and off-campus — to consider the issues raised around a text in the context of our own institution, city, and community.

YPEI will distribute the text, provide discussion materials, and host initial events — but encourages you to plan your own discussion group with your colleagues, peers, colleges, interest groups, or service partners! 

For more information, click here.

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