2020 Summer Fellowship Applications Released!

December 1st, 2019

Dwight Hall at Yale has run the Dwight Hall Summer Fellows program since 1968, and in 2017, it added the YANA-Dwight Hall Summer Fellows program. Both programs enable students to have a deeper experience in community-engaged spaces. This year, both programs have combined to release a joint application and released a guiding document to steer applications.

“We’re really excited to continue this long tradition, and we are so thankful to have YANA as a partner. This is a marquee program for us that allows us to ‘say yes’ to passionate students, so we’re really eager to read through applications,” says Mark Fopeano, Program Manager for Dwight Hall at Yale.  “Our two programs have operated in parallel since YANA-Dwight Hall started, so it only made sense to combine applications. Plus, moving to Qualtrics gives us the ability to check in with summer supervisors and mentors much easier.”

YANA Summer Fellows PosterA major improvement this year comes in the form of three rounds of selections, with applications due as students come back from break on January 7th, then again as all other Fellowships close on February 28th, and a final round on April 20th.  “We’ve noticed that students have a lot of different needs,” says Mark. “Some students have an ideal internship set up for the summer, but end up turning it down for a paid opportunity elsewhere.  For other students, their ideal opportunity doesn’t spring up until much closer to the summer.  We hope that making funding decisions in rounds helps meet students and their community partners where they’re at.”

Last, new this year, Mark Fopeano will be holding open hours for students with any questions. “Sometimes students wait to ask questions - even though everyone at Dwight Hall has an open door policy I wanted to create as many channels as possible to encourage students to come in.  Hopefully people will take advantage, and we’ll see some really great applications as a result.”

The application can be found using this link: Summer Funding with Dwight Hall

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