Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2019

The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the fiscal and long-term operation of Dwight Hall. The Board’s membership consists of Dwight Hall alumni, Yale professors, members of the New Haven community and current Dwight Hall student representatives.

Board members may log-in to the Board Communication Page here.

Executive Committee

Mr. Bradford Williams ‘10,  Chair

Mr. David Dodson ’77, ‘81 MBA/MDIV, Vice Chair

Ms. Sandra Lee ’97, Secretary

Mr. Daud Shad ‘21, Student Co-Coordinator (Ex Officio)

Prof. Kate Cooney, Chair, Developement Committee

Mr. Carl Eifler ‘70, Chair, Investment Committee

Mr. Peter G. Crumlish ‘09 MAR, Executive Director


Ms. Abdah Adam ‘21

Ms. Megan Barnett ‘97 LAW

Ms. Sarah Baron, MD ‘04

Dr. Abie Benitez

Mr. Jose. E. Garcia ‘22

Ms. Madeline Kerner ‘07

Ms. Hannah Kiburz ‘22

Ms. Dara Kovel ‘91, ‘06 MBA

Ms. Lauren Lautermilch ‘22

Prof. Anika Singh Lemar ‘01

Ms. Zoe Mercer-Golden ‘13

Ms. Randi Roth ‘79

Ms. Eliza Spinna ‘23

Mr. Benjamin Staub ‘06

Ms. Sasha Thomas ‘22, Student Co-Coordinator (Ex Officio)

The Rev. J. Philip Zaeder ’58 (emeritus)

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is responsible for managing Dwight Hall’s endowment.

Mr. Carl Eifler ‘70, Chair, Investment Committee

Mr. William E. Curran ’49

Ms. Charlotte Kaiser ‘07 MBA/MES

Mr. Edward Swenson ‘67, ‘80 MBA

Mr. Daniel Viederman ’85