Dwight Hall Staff

Staff members work closely with the student Executive Committee, inspired by the mission of the Hall, to preserve institutional memory and manage the non-profit organization. They serve as advisors to students in all the various aspects of the work of Dwight Hall, including program development, education and training, program management, Yale and community partnerships, public relations, finances, or fundraising.

Executive Director and General Secretary
Peter Crumlish


Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director and General Secretary leads Dwight Hall’s activities to accomplish its core mission and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Dwight Hall. The Executive Director, leading a professional full-time staff, is charged with providing managerial oversight and strategic leadership, supporting and complementing the student leadership team that changes annually. The Executive Director is also responsible for coordinating program development, education and training, program and financial management, Yale and community relations, and institutional advancement.  

Available by appointment in Room 106 and by email

Program Manager
Mark Fopeano


Reporting to the Executive Director, the Program Manager is primarily responsible for the success of the institutional programs of Dwight Hall and provides support and mentoring to student leaders.  The Program Manager serves as Dwight Hall’s principal staff liaison with program partners, working with schools and communities to identify opportunities for relationships.  The Program Manager also is primarily responsible for the implementation of grant-funded programs, such as the CSDE after-school grant and the Jones-Zimmermann Foundation’s Academic Mentoring grant.

Available during normal business hours in Room 104 and by email

Education Advisor
Claudia MersoN


The Education Advisor, who also serves as the Director of Public School Partnerships for the Office of New Haven and State Affairs with Yale University, works closely with students and programs interested in serving as educators, mentors, and volunteers with New Haven Public Schools.  Leading the Education Network within Dwight Hall, the Education Advisor acts as a key resource in developing strong programs that meet the education needs of local students.

Administrative Assistant
Jenny Pengsavath


The Administrative Assistant serves as a gatekeeper to students and community members who wish to access Dwight Hall at Yale resources.  Often acting as an initial point of contact, this position coordinates the calendars of Dwight Hall at Yale’s fleet of cars and room reservations, gathers and compiles administrative records, and acts as a principal liaison between the Board of Directors and day-to-day operations.

Available during normal business hours in Main Office.

director of yale prison education initiative
zelda roland


The Director oversees and manages Dwight Hall’s Yale Prison Education Initiative, and as such, is responsible for its development and execution.  In addition to directing programming, this position is responsible for collaboration and consultation with the program’s various partners, and for reporting on outcomes to Dwight Hall’s management, Board of Directors, and funders.

Director of Community Outreach & Alumni Engagement
Johnny Scafidi


The Director of Community Outreach & Alumni Engagement leads the planning and execution of engagement and outreach actions and activities with community organizations, friends and allies, and partner organizations.  The position aims to expand community programming while more effectively engaging with and meeting the needs of local community partners.  Additionally, this position also creates programs or supports initiatives that engage alumni in social justice and public service opportunities through the Hall.  Available by appointment in Room 208 and by email.

director of Inclusion and leadership development
Marquita Taylor

The Director of Inclusion and Leadership Development is responsible for overseeing and managing the Social Innovation Lab, a pillar of Dwight Hall’s programming formalized in the fall of 2016.  While encouraging socially responsible entrepreneurial endeavors, innovative projects, and equitable programming, the position is responsible for developing programming, trainings, and partnerships to support students dedicated to creating social change.  The Director of Inclusion and Leadership Development also  works closely with students in the development of their leadership abilities, and with institutional partners to host a series of events that bring together the Yale and New Haven communities. 

On Leave of Absence

director of development
David Wilkins

The Director of Development is responsible for the fundraising, grant-writing, and resource development strategies within Dwight Hall at Yale.  The position plays a key role in establishing the visibility of Dwight Hall in communities outside of Yale University, and ensures that its funding is sustained, from a multitude of sources, and accomplishes organizational goals.  The position also works closely with students creating development and communication strategies, particularly the Development Coordinator and PR Coordinator of the Student Executive Committee.  Last, this position also serves as a liaison between grant-funded programs and its funders, ensuring strong and sustained relationships.

Available by appointment in Room 210 and by email.

Graduate Service fellow
Morgan Pierce & Brianna Olatunji &

The Dwight Hall Graduate Service Fellow serves to promote and support community engagement among students in the graduate and professional schools at Yale. The fellow works closely with the professional staff of Dwight Hall, leaders from the Dwight Hall Student Cabinet and Executive Committee, and graduate and professional students and staff responsible for community service and engagement efforts originating in their schools. The Fellow assists and encourages the development of sustainable service projects and activities led by graduate and professional school students and staff in collaboration with community partners around New Haven.

Magee Fellow
demar lewis
The Rev. John G Magee ‘06 Fellowshipas established in 1987 to maintain the religious roots upon which Dwight Hall was founded. The Fellow, a graduate or professional student at Yale, works closely with the professional staff of Dwight Hall, leaders from the Dwight Hall Student Cabinet and Executive Committee, coordinators of the Social Justice Network, Education Network, Public Health Coalition, International Network, and Dwight Hall’s institutional programs, and the Yale Chaplain’s Office through Yale Religious Ministries. 

The Magee Fellow will serve as an Advisor to each of the networks of Dwight Hall at Yale, by helping student volunteers and leaders develop the skills necessary to achieve social change. Dwight Hall Networks are comprised of Dwight Hall member organizations, community-based affiliates, and Yale associate organizations. The Magee Fellow will also support the work of the Dwight Hall Student Executive Committee as it pertains to interfaith outreach and/or graduate/professional student outreach.