After-school programs bring big benefits to families

CT Viewpoints published an opinion piece, “After-school programs bring big benefit to families” on July 28, 2017 written by Dwight Hall’s Mark Fopeano and Victoria Bosman. The article highlights the importance of after-school programs by sharing the success of the Jones-Zimmermann Academic Mentoring Program, which pairs college sophomores with sixth graders in three local schools. 

“If we are serious about committing to and investing in our youth, we need to work together to ensure that regardless of state budget cuts, families who want their children to participate have the opportunity to enroll.  From donating to a fund to calling up your local higher education institute’s volunteering and engagement office, we all have a role to play in growing after school programs so that more, not less, parents know where their children are at 3 p.m.”

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