AISEC Summer Opportunity

Summary of Opportunity: 
Volunteer abroad with AIESEC! AIESEC was founded in 1948 as a collaboration between nations in post-war Europe with the singular goal of promoting peace throughout the continent. Over the half century that followed, the organization grew into a global network of young people who use exchange as a method of both developing global citizenship and leadership potential. We are currently the largest student-run organization in the world, with a membership network spanning over 70,000 students in 128 countries. In 2015, AIESEC gained consultative status with the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), becoming the first organization in the world to completely align its purpose with the Sustainable Development Goals. At Yale, AIESEC has an alumni network including politicians, business leaders, world leaders - and former Secretary-of-State (and future Distinguished Fellow) John Kerry.
AIESEC is offering students the chance to apply to six-week volunteer experiences, in either Argentina, Morocco or Greece for a total of $500 dollars. Students will be living and working with university students in these countries, but they’ll be intimately involved with all of the cultural, linguistic, and social elements of life there as well. There are a certain number of spots for the students who make it through our interview process and because this organization is so large, there is a certain level of time-sensitivity and competitiveness to these positions. If you are interested please sign up at and you will be then to directed to an individual interview with a representative of the organization. 
Opportunity Type: 
Jobs, Internships, Fellowships