Beacon: Tutors and Teachers Needed

Summary of Opportunity: 

Beacon Self Directed Learning is an alternative to school for kids 10-18 and are looking for volunteers to tutors and teach small, fun, weekly classes.  We have many kinds of kids at Beaconbut they fall into two broad groups:  life long homeschoolers and kids who have needed to come out of school.  Beacon offers classes, tutors, mentoring and a social space and relies heavily on volunteers.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we offer classes to kids ages 12-18.  By sharing their interests, expertise and passions through teaching, volunteers inspire and motivate teens.  Classes are small, think 5 kids.  Examples of classes are Sociology through the Twilight Zone, Basic Drawing, Public Speaking, Fractions, Mysteries of Life, Non-Fiction Writing, and Dissection. The hour long classes are taught once a week and can be about almost anything! In the past, several Yale kids have offered mini-versions of a current Yale class. You can offer anything from a one week workshop to a six- ten week class. 
We also need tutors; tutors work with individuals one-on-one in an area a teen expresses an interest.  We currently need tutors for math and computer programming.

On Wednesday and Friday we have younger kids and could use help teaching almost anything.  It’s a very small and enthusiastic group.  Come have fun sharing something you love.  We welcome any kind of commitment from a one time workshop to a weekly class.

Beacon is open Tuesday through Friday from 9-3 and is located at 123 Whalley Avenue, very close to the Yale Book Store. 

Please contact Catherine Fisher at 203 922 2285-cell

Join anytime!
Open To: 
Graduate Students
Contact Name: 
Catherine Fisher
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Volunteer Opportunities