Becoming a DH Member Group

Overview of Member Groups

All organizations that register with Dwight Hall must have a mission that revolves around service and be willing to meet minimal requirements each semester. Completing DH requirements also satisfies the onboarding requirements of the Yale College Dean’s Office (YCDO). 

Member Group Benefits

  • Funding each semester
  • Fleet of cars and bus passes
  • Meeting and conference space
  • Color and B/W copier
  • Institutional memory tools (i.e Google account hosted by Dwight Hall)
  • Google Voice
  • Recruitment and communication resources
  • Connections to community service partners

For more details on membership benefits and requirements, please visit our Member Group Cheat Sheet.

Applying to be a Dwight Hall Member Group

  1. Groups interested in applying should review the Member Group Cheat Sheet, or talk with either the Program Manager or New Membership Coordinator
  2. With confidence about your group, submit an application.  
  3. Your application will be reviewed by the Student Executive Committee, with official correspondence coming from the New Membership Coordinator.
  4. After review, you will meet with the New Membership Coordinator for a complete overview of expectations and responsibilities as a member group.
  5. After completing these requirements, your group will be presented to the Student Executive Committee at an official meeting, who will vote on your acceptance as a Provisional Member Group, which officially begins in the following semester.
  6. At the completion of two semesters as a Provisional Member group, your group will be voted into full Member Group by Dwight Hall’s Cabinet.