CCE is Hiring

Summary of Opportunity: 

Interested in becoming a CCE? The CCE mission is to create a more positive sexual climate on campus. The CCEs themselves are an exceptionally diverse, creative group of students who collaborate with each other and with their own communities to create space-both literally and figuratively-for to make it easier for students to make mindful social and sexual choices. The CCEs also serve as a resource for students who have experienced or heard about sexual misconduct, providing a peer avenue to SHARE, the UWC, Title IX, and the Yale Police. The CCEs are paid employees of the YCDO, working 5-10 hours per week with longer hours during training periods.  There’s no need for prior experience in sexual violence prevention. The prime qualification for being a CCE is the desire to make Yale a better place; optimism and humor are helpful, too! For more information or to apply, please visit<applewebdata://54389BD1-47EB-4DB5-BB76-7C3816A4B31C/>. Applications are due October 17!

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