Campus and Community Fund

Campus and Community Fund

The Campus and Community Fund is the primary financial support from Dwight Hall at Yale exclusively available for Member Groups. Awarded once each semester, the application process is competitive and we are rarely able to fund the entirety of submitted application. With any questions, please reach out to the Student Executive Committee’s Financial Coordinator.

Deadlines Spring Semester 2020

Funding Application Opens - Sunday, January 26th

Funding Application Deadline - Sunday, February 9th (by 11:59 pm)

Funding Notification - Monday, February 17th

Receipts Deadline - Monday, April 6th, though early submission is highly encouraged.  Please allow a two-week minimal turnaround time. 

Reimbursement Date - Monday, April 27th


The application and guidelines can be found here.


Your group is eligible for funding if you:

  1. Are a full or provisional member of Dwight Hall
  2. Have submitted your organization’s information to the yearly Record and Review
  3. Have attended the most recent cabinet meeting
  4. Agree to list Dwight Hall as a sponsor in your materials

Reimbursement Form

After approval by the Financial Coordinator, groups will need to complete the Reimbursement Form. You must turn in the receipts and paperwork form by the deadline: Sunday, November 11th. Please note, any reimbursement to an individual will be made electronically via email through Chase Bank, and any reimbursement to member groups will be made by paper check. For more information, please read the FAQ below.


How does Dwight Hall decide which groups get funding?

Your application is reviewed by a Financial Coordinator, your Network Coordinator, and one of the two Dwight Hall Co-coordinators. The team may approve an application but award a smaller amount than requested or deny individual items. Groups may appeal their funding decisions to the entire Dwight Hall Executive Committee. Applications are considered using these questions:

  • What is the impact of the group on the campus and/or community, and how does it enroll Yale students in this impact?
  • How important are the expenditures to the group’s mission?
  • Has the group pursued opportunities to reduce expenses?
  • How accurately has the group judged its needs in the past? Has it taken the money it was allocated?
  • What other sources of funding does the group have?
  • How will the group contribute to Dwight Hall fundraising (i.e. Phonathon, writing press releases, etc.)?

What doesn’t Dwight Hall fund?

  • Bank fees
  • 8.5x11 printing
  • On-campus space rentals unless they are for a conference
  • International travel
  • Fundraisers or objects to sell/auction to raise funds (loans are included)
  • Alcohol
  • Unnecessary decorations for events
  • Transportation for students where Dwight Hall cars or bus passes can be used
  • Table rentals
  • Group merchandise/apparel
  • Medicine or prescriptions
  • Purchases not made directly by the member group
  • Member group association fees with larger national or international organizations.
  • Repeated supply purchases when they can be avoided (i.e. 20 new textbooks every semester when copies can be made from 1 textbook for multiple semesters)

What do I do once I receive my decision?

Dwight Hall’s grant operates via reimbursement. Groups must spend money for their activities up front and Dwight Hall will reimburse money spent at the end of the semester using the reimbursement form above. Groups will fill out the form with line items, money spent per line item, and total spent as well as attach all receipts from the semester. Any spending that does not correspond to a receipt will not be funded.

New this semester: We are accepting receipts and reimbursement requests on a rolling basis. As soon as you have made a purchase, you can submit the paperwork for reimbursement to Dwight Hall. While groups must submit the request form and receipts to the Financial Coordinator’s mailbox in the lobby of Dwight Hall by the deadline, we encourage you to do so sooner rather than later.

In some cases where a group is unable to pay for an activity due to high costs, Dwight Hall may be able to pay the provider directly, circumventing the reimbursement process. In order to do this, groups must reach out to the Financial Coordinator with an invoice.

What is the process for being reimbursed?

Any reimbursement to an  INDIVIDUAL OR MEMBER GROUP will be made by paper check. Any student accepting a paper check on behalf of a member group who will not be able to physically pick up the check at the front desk may request that the check be mailed to them. An address needs to be clearly provided with the submission of the reimbursement. All paper checks not cashed by the end of any fiscal year will be voided so that the fiscal year can be closed absent outstanding checks.