Community Based Learning

Summary of Opportunity: 

Community Based Learning is a Dwight Hall initiative that facilitate hands-on learning at Yale by connecting students, faculty, and community contacts. Community partners identify projects of research, analysis, or evaluation that support their missions, and these projects are matched to Yale courses. Students then complete these projects, generally instead of a traditional final evaluation (e.g., paper or exam).

We have many exciting plans to grow CBL this semester, including new and open leadership positions including Community Contact Lead, Institutionalization Lead, Course Lead, and Thesis Project Lead. Leads and members have opportunities to interact with the New Haven City Government, local nonprofits, Yale College Council, Dwight Hall, administration/faculty, and more, all while learning important negotiation and management skills. This is an opportunity to expand Yale students’ academic horizons–through a crucial program which we are among the last of the Ivies to implement–and simultaneously benefit the greater New Haven community. If you are at all interested, please contact or

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Multiple Times a Week
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Volunteer Opportunities