COVID-19 Impact on Summer Fellowships

(Published 3/27)

Each summer, Dwight Hall at Yale operates the Dwight Hall Summer Fellows, YANA-Dwight Hall Summer Fellows, and Peter Muehrer Fund.  This year we published Guidance for Summer Fellow Applicants to assist students interested in applying.

Due to the current unusual circumstances, we want to share and emphasize important updates about these programs:

  • All three programs will continue as planned this summer.
  • Our decision-making process will continue using the same criteria, with one important update:
  1. Does this student show a commitment to social change?
  2. Is the proposed summer activity feasible?  Note: Applicants should describe how their summer activity will be completed remotely, if necessary.
  3. Does this summer activity value the knowledge and guidance of community experts?  Does the applicant have an adequate support letter?
  4. Does this summer activity have a meaningful impact on the student’s academic and professional aspirations?
  • If you applied on the February 28th deadline to receive a decision by March 27th, we are allowing students to submit a revision to their application, noting how your summer activity will be completed remotely, if necessary. Application revisions must be in by April 13th, with decisions made by April 17th.

  • The April 20th application deadline will remain the same. Decisions will still be no later than May 4th.

  • We reserve the right to extend deadlines/decisions based on the evolving needs of community partners and students we serve.

Thank you all for your commitment to service, and your patience in working with us Dwight Hall as we transition to new opportunities to support our communities.

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