Days of Service


Held up to four times a year, up to 200 students spend their Saturday mornings outside of Yale’s physical boundaries in partnership with local organizations.  Dwight Hall at Yale’s Days of Service are designed to pique Yale students’ interest in their local community, and act as an introduction to other opportunities to become more deeply involved. 

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The First-Year Day of Service will be held this Saturday, September 23. If you’re a first-year and want to get more involved in the New Haven community, this is a fantastic opportunity! More information and sign up here!

Summary of Activities: 
Arts & Culture
Children & Youth
Crisis Support
Education & Literacy
Employment & Job Training
Health & Medicine
Homelessness & Housing
Human Rights
Hunger & Nutrition
Immigrants & Refugees
International Affairs
LGBTQ Rights
People with Disabilities
Prison Reform & Reentry
Racial Inequality
Veterans & Veterans' Families
Victims' Rights
Women's Rights
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Graduate Students

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