Dwight Hall Launches Virtual Volunteer Platform!

Establishing strategic, effective, and efficient approaches to public service opportunities is a constant priority of Dwight Hall. With the virtual service challenges of the pandemic, Dwight Hall program staff and Student Executive Committee members have worked together to launch Dwight Hall’s Virtual Volunteer Hub. 

An initiative spearheaded by Jessica Jaskot, Dwight Hall’s AmeriCorps Public Ally for Community Partnerships and Volunteer Engagement, Dwight Hall’s Virtual Volunteer Hub on VOMO blossomed from the need to create an avenue to continue opportunities for public service work through COVID-19. In response to student requests, community partner service opportunities, and a desire to continue creating community impact, Dwight Hall has fashioned a one-stop-shop for all things pertaining to virtual public service. 

When thinking about how the virtual volunteer platform would function, it was important for Dwight Hall’s program team to ask: “How can we be more responsive to our community partners?”

Dwight Hall’s virtual volunteer platform provides a variety of service opportunities in education, homelessness, senior living, environmental justice, and more. 

While the rollout of the virtual volunteer platform this semester is a pilot, Dwight Hall believes in its great potential for connecting students to public service opportunities and for community organizations looking to enlist volunteers. “The virtual volunteer platform provides us an opportunity to connect with organizations that we otherwise might not connect with” said Jaskot. “It’s opening the doors for new community relationships.” 

In the spectrum of community engagement, Dwight Hall’s volunteer platform expands resources to students, community members, organizations, and other Yale and New Haven affiliates looking to navigate virtual service opportunities. 

Benefits of the new virtual volunteer platform include the ability to create a volunteer profile, build a volunteer resume, find ongoing and one-time opportunities, connect with community partners, and log volunteer hours. 

You Can Get Involved Today! 

Anyone can follow these 5 simple steps to start making a difference today: 

1.     Click here to log on to our volunteer hub and create a new user profile.

2.     Sign the liability waiver in advance of your volunteer participation.

3.     Find service opportunities by clicking on “projects” that speak to you.

         Projects are the individual & recurring volunteer opportunities.

         Campaigns are projects grouped together by category (such as education or politics).

4.     Once you find the project you’re looking for, click the “I’m Interested” button on the project page to be connected with the organizer who will follow up about your involvement.

5.     Communicate with the service organization and start your involvement!

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