Dwight Hall Social Action Panel at New Haven Academy

Summary of Opportunity: 

Each year at New Haven Academy, seniors do independent Social Action
Projects: every senior identifies an issue he or she is passionate about,
designs a project based on research, and goes out into the community to
execute the project.
We’re inviting Dwight Hall students to speak on a panel and in small groups
with our seniors about the work they do in the community – the issues
they’re passionate about, the organizations they’ve joined or created,
and the ways they face the challenges that social action can bring.

-Meredith Garvin,
New Haven Academy, Principal

If you would like a representative from your group to be on this panel,
contact Treston Codrington at treston.codrington@yale.edu and Meredith Garvin
at GAVRIN.MEREDITH@new-haven.k12.ct.us

Opportunity Type: 
Conference and Presentation Proposals