Dwight Hall Social Media Strategist

Summary of Opportunity: 
Student Employment Office Ref # 23406
Dwight Hall at Yale seeks a Social Media Strategist to use their passion and interest to connect Dwight Hall to external audiences.  Specifically, the Social Media Strategist would manage the Dwight Hall social media accounts, post events and opportunities to the website, and publicize events on campus via communication with other offices across campus. 
1. Social Media
  • Post event happenings to Facebook and Instagram.
  • Build a social media presence by connecting with students and similar accounts.
  • Help determine ways Dwight Hall can improve its social media presence. 
2. Website
  • Manage the creation of events and opportunities on the website in the form of written posts.
  • Identify areas for website improvement, and as needed, be part of team managing change 
3. Publicity
  • Create and maintain a list of office newsletters across campus that Dwight Hall Events can be featured in.
  • Determine ways to best promote Dwight Hall events.
Minimum 10 hours/week
Work Study Only
Open To: 
Graduate Students
Recurrence of Opportunity: 
Opportunity Type: 
Jobs, Internships, Fellowships