Dwight Hall is Temporarily Relocating for Renovations!

Dwight Hall will operate out of 143 Elm Street while its Old Campus home is Renovated

We are excited to announce that our historic Dwight Hall building that we have occupied since 1930 will be undergoing a renovation over the coming year. The renovation will feature updated mechanicals, installation of an elevator, and renovation of offices and shared space.  In the coming year, we will have a temporary home at 143 Elm Street until the renovation is complete.

An Old Picture of Dwight Hall

Over the past year, we have thought deeply about what it means to be Dwight Hall at Yale outside of the physical space that carries the name. While answering logistical questions like what rooms will be designated as community spaces and how to drop off car keys, we remember that it is the people pursuing a shared mission that makes us Dwight Hall at Yale. This temporary relocation also provides us with unique opportunities.  For example, in preparation for the move, we scanned and archived boxes of material from the building -- over 6,000 pages -- which will eventually be housed at Manuscripts and Archives at Sterling Memorial Library.  


Because 143 Elm is not as large as our building, we’ve had to optimize the space to more closely resemble a collaborative, co-working environment.  Shared breakout rooms with dry-erase markers abound.  Of course we pride ourselves on being a welcoming space for all, and a new “Library” is available for students or community organizations to rent.  We even brought a piece of the Dwight Hall Library with us and have displayed framed photographs of book covers that reside in 67 High Street.


Last, we are excited to be across from the New Haven Green for the year.  Our physical proximity serves as a reminder of the vibrant community that surrounds Yale.  We look forward to sharing the work that students continue to embark on while in our new location.

If you have any questions about our move or the renovation, please reach out to us via this email link.


The Dwight Hall Team


A Recent Picture of the New Dwight Hall Buidling at 143 Elm with the Staff standing on the stairs



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