Dwight Hall at Yale’s Annual Public Service Awards May 2017

With the academic year coming to a close, it is important for us to take a step back and reflect on the substantial contributions made by individuals and organizations that allow us to carry out our mission “to nurture and inspire students as leaders of social change and to advance justice and service in New Haven and around the world.” Since 2013, we have recognized individuals and organizations that exemplify our core values during our annual Public Service Awards Ceremony. The Dwight Hall community has been forever transformed by the value the following award recipients have provided and we are honored to acknowledge the integral role they have played in our growth. As leaders of social change, thank you for your continued support and dedication.


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2017 Leadership Legacy Award

Honors individuals who have demonstrated sustained and devoted service to Dwight Hall and whose support of Dwight Hall has been essential to the organization’s ability to achieve its mission.

Past recipients include:

Deborah Rose ‘72, EPH ‘77, GRD ‘89

Gordon (GRD ‘81) and Shelley (LAW ‘76, EPH ‘95) Geballe

Bill Curran ‘49

J.L. Pottenger, Jr. LAW ‘75

Connie Royster ‘72

Jonathan Scott Holloway GRD ‘95, Dean of Yale College

Dean Jonathan Holloway holding award with Peter Crumlish

Dean Holloway introduced the concept of principled leadership to leaders of student organizations, which was a tremendous benefit to Dwight Hall Member Groups. He has extended his relationships for our community’s benefit, which allowed us to host the Co-Founder and CEO of Citizen University.  He has consistently been present for the student body and has partnered with us in countless ways. He has provided guidance to the Yale Prison Education Initiative housed at Dwight Hall. Most importantly, Dean Holloway partners with us by sharing essential values.

Dwight Hall Community Partner Award

Honors an organization that has had a long-standing relationship with Dwight Hall to provide critical services to our New Haven Community.  

Liberty Community Services; John Bradley ‘81, Executive Director 

Liberty Commmunity Services receiving award from Alissa Ji

Respect and dignity guide the work of Liberty Community Services, which is clearly visible in how they provide free breakfast during the week through Sunrise Café. Celebrating their 30th year,  Liberty Community Services has made substantial contributions towards ending chronic homelessness in Connecticut. The strong relationship we have with Liberty combined with how they conduct their work merits special recognition from students.

Dwight Hall Rising Leadership Award

Awarded to a Yale freshman or sophomore who has exhibited impressive commitment to a Dwight Hall project or member group.

Tony Liu ‘20

Tony Liu being presented award by Anthony D'Ambrosio

As a freshman, Tony has shown leadership and organizational abilities that go above and beyond expectations. He became involved with Dwight Hall through our Freshmen-in-Service program and participated in a multitude of service activities. He joined our Student Executive Committee as the New Membership Coordinator and has worked to strengthen resources and opportunities available to new service groups.

Distinguished Leadership Award

Awarded to a Yale junior or senior who has made a significant impact on Dwight Hall activities throughout their Yale career. 

Abby Dutton ‘17

Abby Dutton recieving award from Matthew Coffin

Abby has shown her commitment to the values of Dwight Hall, most notably throughout her extensive involvement with the member group Yale Children’s Theatre (YCT). Throughout five semesters, two as YCT President,  Abby has worked with students ages 5-13 to improve literacy, build social skills and relationships, and introduce the arts. Outside of Dwight Hall, she started as a research assistant at the Yale Child Study Center before becoming the primary therapist working with a 6 year old girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her commitment to public service in both her extracurricular and academic interests has contributed to Dwight Hall immensely.

2016 Leadership Legacy Award

Honors individuals who have demonstrated sustained and devoted service to Dwight Hall and whose support of Dwight Hall has been essential to the organization’s ability to achieve its mission.

Constance L. Royster, Yale College Class of 1972

Connie Royster being presented award from Peter Crumlish

Connie was part of the first group of women undergraduates at Yale and engaged with Dwight Hall by serving in the Summer Fellowship program. As Chair of the Dwight Hall Board from 2010 until 2015, she inspired fellow board members, staff, and student leaders to make Dwight Hall a stronger organization by enhancing support for service and social justice work, modernizing policies pertaining to corporate governance, asserting our vital role on campus, and demanding that we should always strive to do better.  After graduating from Rutgers Law School she became the founding and managing partner of one of the nation’s largest women- and minority-owned firms. Before returning to Yale, first as Associate Director of Development at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental studies and then Director of Development at Yale Divinity School, she served as the first Director of Major Giving at WSHU National Public Radio group in Connecticut. Connie’s passion for education and social justice is also reflected through the boards she has served on: LEAP, the Community Foundation of Greater New Haven’s Fund for Women and Girls, the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, and the Open Communities Alliance.

Award winners posing with awards and Executive Director

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