Dwight Hall’s Volunteer Hub

Meet Your New Volunteer Platform!

Are you looking for ways to give back to the community and engage in community partnerships? You’re in luck! Dwight Hall has launched a new volunteer hub to help you find service opportunities. 

New Times Call For New Ways Of Service:

In response to your student requests and our community partners’ needs, we’ve come together to create a one-stop shop of all things service. Benefits of our new website include the ability to create a volunteer profile, build a volunteer resume, find ongoing and one-time opportunities, connect with community partners, and log volunteer hours. 

Virtual Volunteering During COVID:

Our new website provides virtual volunteer opportunities to address needs in a variety of domains such as education, homelessness, social justice, senior living, environment, and more. (Though please know that Dwight Hall has not sponsored or formally vetted the organizations and programs included on this list). Dwight Hall follows the guidelines for community engagement during the pandemic found here

Get Involved Today:

Follow these steps to start making a difference today: 

  1. Click here to log on to our volunteer hub and create a new user profile.
  2. Sign the liability waiver in advance of your volunteer participation.
  3. Find service opportunities by clicking on “projects” that speak to you.
    • Projects are the individual & recurring volunteer opportunities.
    • Campaigns are projects grouped together by category (such as education or politics).
  4. Once you find the project you’re looking for, click the “I’m Interested” button on the project page to be put in contact with the organizer who will follow-up about how you can get involved.
  5. Communicate with the service organization and start your involvement!

Some of Our Exciting Opportunities!

  • Provide translation services
  • Vote and help others register
  • Tutor and mentor youth
  • Support digital Earth Day activities
  • Assist with telehealth access 
  • Lend tech support 
  • Help with COVID needs 
  • Support marketing and fundraising efforts 
  • Converse with seniors

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