Activism in the Age of Trump: Does the Fight to Save the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Provide a Model for Future Organizing

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Friday, November 3, 2017 - 4:00pm
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Moderator: Ben Wikler, MoveOn

Jen Flynn, Center for Popular Democracy
Nick Holtzhum, ADAPT
Mari Cordes, Right to Democracy, Vermont
Margarida Jorge, Healthcare for America Now

The fight to save the ACA from various forms of “repeal and replace” by
the Republican Congress has now gone down to defeat twice, despite the
Republican Party’s majorities in both houses.

In no small part, the defeat of this key legislative priority for the GOP was
due to grassroots organizers, who kept the pressure on members of Congress in
their home states and districts, and in Washington, DC, where waves of civil
disobedience and protest greeted Senators and Representatives throughout

The grassroots protests, particularly in DC, were led by the disability
rights group ADAPT, progressive groups around the country – many affiliated
with the Center for Popular Democracy – as well as a coalition of HIV/AIDS
groups, clergy and healthcare providers.

This session will explore the history and future of the battle to save the
ACA (and to improve it!) with representatives from many of the organizations
on the frontlines and will be moderated by MoveOn’s Ben Wikler. The panel
discussion will maintain a forward-looking emphasis, examining whether the
ACA fight offers a model for how grassroots, progressive organizing can be
used to resist the regressive policies of the current administration and also
rebuild politics at local, state and national levels.
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