Dwight Hall Civic Allyship Initiative Workshop: Death, Conviction and Exoneration: 30 Years of Policing and Prosecuting in New Haven

Event time: 
Saturday, October 31, 2020 - 5:00pm
Event description: 

Jewu Richardson, a New Haven native and community organizer with the CT Bail Fund, will explore the stories of exonerated community members and currently incarcerated people awaiting exoneration. He will present alongside Jackie James, a New Haven native with deep connections to local public service, who currently works as the Director of Public Relations for Retreat Behavior Health. Jackie and Jewu will also focus on the widespread allegations of corruption that characterized arrests in New Haven’s police department in the 1990s.

By creating a historical timeline of arrests in New Haven, Jewu and Jackie question the legitimacy of the Connecticut carceral system, relying in part on the doctrine of “fruit of the poisonous tree.” As our nation grapples with the legacy of mass incarceration, this workshop will analyze the era of broken windows policing on a local level and contextualize the effects of the war on crime on communities throughout New Haven.

Register for the workshop here: https://www.civicallyship.org/workshops/publiconsciousness

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Prison Reform & Reentry
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Dwight Hall Member Group
Open To: 
Graduate Students
Community Members