Mythbusting the 2020 Election: Lesson for the Future of Anti-Racist Politics

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Thursday, December 3, 2020 - 6:00pm
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A Conversation with Lawrence Grandpre: Mythbusting the 2020 Election: Lesson for the Future of Anti-Racist Politics
Did Working Class Black Voters save Biden? Did the “Defund Police” slogan actually hurt House Democrats? Why did California vote for Biden overwhelmingly, but against its Affirmative Action referendum? 
Lawrence Grandpre, Director of Research at Leaders of A Beautiful Struggle, a grassroots, think tank based in Baltimore, MD, joins Dwight Hall for a conversation on the aftermath of the 2020 election. Grandpre will break down the data and presents lessons for how properly understanding the 2020 elections results can help progressive force build political strategies to achieve concrete gains for people of color in 2021 and beyond. 
Grandpre provides the research needed to facilitate LBS’ political awareness campaigns, organized civil demonstrations, community education events and legislative advocacy efforts.

Lawrence Grandpre’s  academic writings have been featured in The Baltimore Sun, Time Magazine, and The Baltimore City Paper. He has given lectures on the topics of race, power, and activism at universities all over the country, most notably the University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown University, and John Hopkins University. In 2014, Grandpre co-authored his first book “The Black Book: Reflections from the Baltimore Grassroots” with comrade Dayvon Love. 


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Dwight Hall Institution
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