Revolution Grams

Event time: 
Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 11:00pm
Event description: 

ou ever hope you meet a cutie at Blue State? That you catch their eye while
doing that young p-set, and that their gaze makes all your stress wither

WELL WE DON’T. Hugs and Kisses? More like “overthrow the racist regime at
large with me.” MEChA de Yale is selling Revolution Grams (filled with
various candies, rose petals, and a cute ass note). Said note will have an
activist pick-up line of your choosing:
Some are saucy. Some are cute. PURCHASE YOURS NOW!!!

All proceeds will be going to MEChA’s Suenos Scholarship that is awarded to
undocumented High School students in the New Haven area. No person,
regardless of status, should have finances be the barrier of achieving higher

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Candy gram w/ pick up line: $3
Candy gram w/ your personalized note: $3.50
Website/Links: FB:
Contact Information: Fernando Torres,