Fall 2020 Fellowships

Fall 2020 Fellowship Programming

Dwight Hall offers a variety of community engagement programming that allows students to engage, grow, and advance service and justice. For more than fifty years, Fellowships have been one unique way that we've implemented community engagement. 

In recent years, and even in the Fall 2020 semester, the number of opportunities and students taking part in these opportunities have continued to grow.

For this fiscal year, Dwight Hall has budgeted more than $160,000 for these opportunities.




Community Response Fellows

Designed to support students with existing relationships with community partners.  Students must apply and provide a letter of support from mentor/supervisor.

Link to additional guidance and application for Community Response Fellows

Family Support Fellows

Supports students who have chosen to stay home in the Fall of 2020 to support their families' unique needs during COVID-19.

Link to additional guidance and application for Family Support Fellows

New Haven Interns

Reduces barriers for New Haven community organizations to connect with Yale undergraduate students. 

Link to application for New Haven Interns

Urban Fellows

Connects undergraduate students to New Haven community partners for an academic year professional experience.

Public School Interns

Under the direction of ONHA's Director of Public School Partnerships, Yale undergraduates commit two years to working with a New Haven Public School

Early Childhood Education Fellows

Cohort of undergraduate students work with community partners on behalf of New Haven children ages 0-3.

Community Mental Health Fellows

In partnership with Connecticut Mental Health Center, undergraduate students develop a core activity to explore the field of community mental health.

Magee Fellowship

Since 1987, graduate students have served as advisors to undergraduate volunteers and leaders while intentionally increasing the reflective practices of Dwight Hall programs.

Graduate Service Fellows

Graduate students increase capacity and reduce barriers for service and activism among peers.

Summer Fellows

Since 1968, Dwight Hall at Yale supports a select group of undergraduates who enact a socially good project over the course of the summer.

YANA-Dwight Hall Summer Fellows

Since 2017, the YANA-Dwight Hall Summer Fellows provides financial support for the summer to students who are traditionally underrepresented.