Guidance for Dwight Hall Family Support Fellows

Guidance for the Dwight Hall Family Support Fellowship


Over the course of an academic year, Dwight Hall administers a number of fellowships that are designed for Yale students to have intensive experiences learning from community partners and peers.  Due to the wide-reaching effects of COVID-19, we recognize that this may not be possible for many students, through no fault of their own. 

In particular, we recognize that many students have chosen to stay home this semester, sometimes to support the unique situation of their family.  For example, many students have siblings who will be unable to attend school in person and have working parents/guardians.  Other students have family members who are highly at-risk and have chosen to be home to support their needs. Unfortunately, some students may have family members who are recovering from COVID-19 at home and in need of attention.

Dwight Hall wants those students and their families to know they are not alone.

The Dwight Hall Family Support Fellows is built with those families in mind with two main goals; first to provide a small stipend to students who are balancing academics with unique family needs, and second to create a community of peers for those students who have chosen their own family over a residential college experience.

Expectations and Compensation

Dwight Hall expects:
  • Students to submit an application, which will be held in the strictest confidence.
  • If selected, students to attend to their family needs for minimally six hours per week (more about compensation below). It is difficult to put a maximal figure, but students should strive for good mental health and attendance to academics.
  • Open and honest communication over the course of the semester.  This will take the form of a a written weekly check-in reflection and a weekly check-in with peers, but may change as we re-assess the program and the needs of participants.

​Please note, Dwight Hall recognizes power imbalances between students and funding institutions and the potential for discomfort.  With this in mind, please know that we want this program to meet students and their families where they are, not adding additional stress.  If at any point you feel unfcomfortable in the application process, please reach out directly using the sidebar to the right (below on mobile). 

Dwight Hall will offer:
  • A standard Service Award of $318.75 for the Fall semester.
  • An Extended Service Award for students that are Federal Work-Study eligible of up to $1,275 for the Fall semester.
  • Platforms for reflection and community-building.
  • Referrals to academic and mental health professionals, if needed.

What Kinds of “Family Support” are acceptable?  

The ​Family Support Fellows program was conceived from our desire to support Yale students who are caring for their needs of younger siblings.  We quickly understood that there are as many unique situations as there are Yale students - and that provision of care may not be focused solely on younger siblings.  While we do not wish to be prescriptive, we anticipate the majority of applicants will be in the following categories:
  • Supporting the academics and social emotional development of school-aged family members
  • Providing basic needs support to at-risk family members
  • Extending care for family members recovering from COVID-19


There will be one formal deadline, and depending on interest, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis following this date.

  • Fall Deadline - Sunday, October 4th


The application must be completed on Qualtrics (link on the right-hand sidebar or below on mobile). The application is comprised of basic demographic questions and is designed for to minimize discomfort in applicants.

Be prepared to select the primary reason you are applying to this Fellowship

Upon submission, a copy of your responses will be sent to your email address and to staff at Dwight Hall at Yale. 

Family Support Verification

As noted above, we want to meet students and their families where they are, and do not want to create any discomfort.  For that reason, we will trust in students completing the application honestly.


In many applications, we strive to choose students uniquely fitted for that program.  Because of the uniqueness of this program and family needs, it is impossible to differentiate between applicants. We will rely on students to complete the application honestly, and accept students to the due date listed above. If there are more applications than we are able to support, we will use a lottery system to accept applicants.

Additionally, we will be using the guidance of the Dean’s Office in determining priority.  That is:

  1. Students who are enrolled and receiving financial aid
  2. Students who are enrolled
  3. Unenrolled students

This program will additionally consider whether applicant and their families are living in New Haven.