First-Year in Service


Up to 20 first-year students are selected by a group of peers to participate in this academic-year program.  Our aim is to learn from community leaders who dedicate their professional and personal lives to improving our shared city. Learning from their experience, wisdom and insider knowledge, we strive to work with our community partners to continue working to remove the structural and institutional barriers and conditions that perpetuate chronic problems in our city.

Summary of Activities: 

A year as a member of the Freshmen-in-Service program is designed to be both a learning experience and a grassroots activist network for students who are curious, eager to learn, and who possess a genuine desire to serve a cause greater than themselves. Students will get first-hand experience on the field working with nonprofits and community leaders fighting to eliminate chronic homelessness, reduce poverty, and ensure civil rights for all citizens. We recognize that a single year will not be enough to ‘fix’ these serious problems, but is an important and necessary first step to understanding both the prevailing issues and their possible solutions. Alumni of Freshmen-in-Service are equipped with the tools and connections to continue their activism at Yale and Dwight Hall.  

Education & Literacy
Employment & Job Training
Health & Medicine
Homelessness & Housing
Human Rights
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