First-Years in Support of New Haven


Initiated in 2015, First-Years in Support of New Haven is an academic-year program for Yale College first-years to sustainably connect and consciously engage with the vibrant New Haven community. Our aim is to learn from the leadership and experience of community partners who dedicate their professional and personal lives to our shared city. We strive to foster open conversations about the changing New Haven/Yale relationship and engage in sustainable service that will continue throughout each student’s time in New Haven.

Summary of Activities: 

First-Years in Support of New Haven (FIS-NH) aims to introduce first-years to the city of New Haven through community speaker events, sustainable community engagement, and service. FISers spend 1-2 hours per week participating in discussions and learning from local non-profit leaders in New Haven. Through this year-long program, first-years will engage in reflective conversations about New Haven’s history, sustainable service, and ways that Yale can be accountable to the city. 

Additionally, FIS-NH disseminates opportunities to volunteer within local organizations and Dwight Hall. In the second semester, FIS connects community-minded first-years with New Haven non-profit organizations, programs, and community organizers to foster a long-term service and engagement relationship. FIS will help in pairing students with New Haven service opportunities, share community events, and encourage Yalies to understand their new home and their role within it. 

Crisis Support
Education & Literacy
Homelessness & Housing
Human Rights
Hunger & Nutrition
Immigrants & Refugees
Prison Reform & Reentry
Racial Inequality
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