Help Us Reach Our Annual Campaign Goal by June 30th!


The Dwight Hall Board will match new and increased gifts to Dwight Hall to help us meet our goal!


Teaching Peace Initiative students with words Imagine, Teach, Realize, Peace

“The Lab provided guidance on our logic model and business model canvas, enabling us to maximize our efficacy and impact.  Dwight Hall’s mentorship also helped with the transition of the Executive Director role from Fish Stark ’17 to myself.”  

Sheila Qasemi ’19, Teaching Peace Initiative

We’ve experienced extraordinary growth the past few years and are gearing up for even more now that we have launched our Social Innovation Lab. 

We're getting down to the wire! Help us reach our goal by June 30th!

We are within striking distance of our Annual Campaign goal – and as a not-for-profit organization that is financially independent of Yale, every bit matters.  This means that you can make a gift online or postmark an envelope by June 30 and enclose a check payable to Dwight Hall at Yale, P.O. Box 209008, New Haven, CT 06520-9008.  Your support now will make us even stronger.


Your contributions equip Yale students with the tools and resources they need to engage, grow, and innovate while tackling society’s most pressing challenges. Your gift transforms students as they advance justice and service in New Haven and around the world.




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