Hi Didi Recruiting Mentors

Summary of Opportunity: 

Hi Didi is a unique online, peer-mentoring program that aims to connect underprivileged female students in India with Indian-origin college girls in the West while using ‘free’ communication platforms such as WhatsApp and Skype.

The mission of this program is two-fold:

  • With the mentees, the objective is to provide the right practical and emotional support so young women stay enrolled in education and join the workforce.
  • With the mentors, the objective is to encourage young Indian-origin women, who have grown up outside of India, to get vested in the progress of India through meaningful interactions with underprivileged students and by connecting them with their roots.

With the overall objective of developing the potential of young women for the future of India.

What distinguishes Hi Didi is that this is a long-term mentorship where the mentors see the mentees through school, college, and the workplace by providing both practical and emotional support.

We launched last year with our partner Avasara Academy and are very proud to be able to mentor the incredible women at this school. We are also very proud of our growing ‘army’ of mentors across the US, UK, and Asia. Our mentors are from diverse institutions such as Columbia University, UCL, Oxbridge, and Hong Kong University.

If you are interested in enrolling as a mentor or would like to find out more about the program please feel free to send this page a message https://www.facebook.com/Hi-Didi-242015836480508/ or email us at hididimentorship@gmail.com

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