Inaugural Dwight Hall Social Innovation Lab Call for Proposals

Summary of Opportunity: 

To apply, please complete the full application

The Social Innovation Lab (“Lab”) seeks to create a community of innovative social action at Yale University.  We invite all students into our shared space for events, trainings, co-working, or conversation, and to join our movement to change the world through deeper understanding and resourceful action.

For students highly motivated to take action, the Lab will accept innovation proposals in January of 2017.  Successful applicants will spend the semester testing their ideas, establishing relationships needed to be successful, and developing the infrastructure for their idea to be launched.

Students wishing to apply will be evaluated on a sliding scale of the following criteria:

Passion - Team clearly demonstrates a deep understanding of injustice and expresses reasonable desire to create social change.

Innovation - Team demonstrates new approach to address injustice, or an innovative application of an existing approach from an unrelated field.

Potential Impact – Team demonstrates how, if effective, project will create a paradigm shift.

Feasibility – Team demonstrates a reasonable plan for achieving the project’s goals.

Open To: 
Graduate Students
Recurrence of Opportunity: 
Multiple Times a Week