Increasing Educational Access in New Haven

Operation Chromebooks

Imagine a fifth grader in downtown New Haven, Fair Haven, or Newhallville who has no access to the technological tools to advance her learning during COVID-19. She is missing classes, falling behind academically, and hindered in her future success. What if she had the tool to stay connected to her teachers, classmates, and coursework?

You can directly close the divide between students who can learn from home and those who cannot during the coronavirus pandemic. Join the Dwight Hall Student Executive Committee’s Operation Chromebooks campaign to put an essential educational device in the home of every third to eighth grade New Haven public school student.  

Each Chromebook costs $236. New Haven Public Schools has distributed more than 60% of them to the nearly 10,000 third through eighth grade public school students in New Haven. Dwight Hall’s Student Executive Committee (more than 100 already contributed), a philanthropist (200), and the Yale Community for New Haven Fund (1,000) made initial contributions to start this campaign. Now you can help secure the remaining 2,679.

Whether you give $10 and encourage 23 friends and family members to join you or you contribute $236 for a Chromebook, each of us can help finish this effort to give New Haven middle schoolers a lifeline in these uncertain times.

Join Operation Chromebooks by contributing here.

There are many challenges students and families in New Haven face in this pandemic, and this is a straightforward solution. You might enjoy this video, highlighting the Student Executive Committee’s response to this pressing community need. New Haven elementary school students and the Dwight Hall Student Executive Committee thank you!


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